Wednesday, February 9, 2011

right now, I AM


...amazed that no matter how cold or wet my children get while playing in puddles, giant ones in this case, they just keep stomping and splashing :)

We came across this huge ice covered puddle today and they all had to stomp through it breaking up the ice as they went until my daughter finally slipped on one of the pieces landing on her knees and quite deep in the water. You think she might be slightly concerned that she had just filled her boots with ice water but she just got back up and kept on going *grin*.

I was the same at her age, daring and fearless and not willing to admit that I was freezing because I was determined to keep playing and playing hard! LOL.


right now I AM

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Lo said...

Ah ! Rosina
I don't think there could be a child in the world that does not like doing what your daughter was doing no matter how cold or wet they are, I remember my 2 daughters doing it and they used to be shivering in the cold but would not give in
Oh to be young and care free
Lo xxxx

Forest-Dweller said...

Darn this adult sensibility...I want to splash through the puddles!

verdemama said...

Yes, it has been way too long since I stomped in a puddle myself ;-)