Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday

Happy Birthday

Today we celebrated my oldest son's 12th birthday.
Where have all the years gone?! I can't believe my baby is twelve :) Actually his birthday is officially tomorrow at 10:50 pm but his friend could only come over today for a little party so we whooped it up this afternoon and tomorrow we'll have a nice quiet family dinner with my parents.


Remember those gloves I was knitting? I got them finished! I stayed up till 2 am last night knitting like a mad woman to finish off the last 4 fingers and I'm so glad I did.

New gloves

They fit him perfectly and I'm so happy I could make them for him since they were a special birthday request :)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tshirt

He's also crazy about the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books so when I happened to see this great t-shirt at the bookstore I just had to get it for him. It is so neat! He gets to draw in with a special fabric marker any funny joke or picture that he wants to complete the thought bubble *grin*.


His friends gave him this neat drawing book...

Drawing supplies

and inside was one of those little wooden models that you can pose any way you want to help him learn to draw bodies. He's crazy about drawing and painting so I'd say he got everything he could have wanted for his birthday. Lucky boy!

Now I'm going to rest :) The last couple of days have been exhausting and the super late night last night has left me in need of some extra sleep.... I must be getting old! LOL. I've already prepared some of the food for tomorrow's dinner to cut down on the workload and I think if I'm lucky I'll have some free time tomorrow to catch up on some mama projects :)

Enjoy your weekend!



Jennifer Hoots said...

Birthdays are so fun at that age! Well, any age until you are MY age! :-)

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to your boy...and to you to Mama. It's gorgeous and heartbreaking to watch them grow up, eh? Sending love, Debbie.

ps - the gloves are awesome. great job.

Sandpiper said...

12 years old!? Wow, what a milestone! It's sad(for moms) but exciting too.
He must have some of your creative genes.

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Time goes so fast doesn't it?My boys are 34 & 31 and it simply doesn't feel possible that I could have kids that dang gone old HA! HA! That's what my Dad says every year on my birthday.
I received the Valentine,too cute!!! Thank you all so much. It's in my office here at work and it makes me smile.OH and I have a thing about foxes and your stamp has a fox on how fun is that I ask you?!?
Thanks again!