Monday, February 7, 2011

Nature Walk ~ Puntledge Watershed

Puntledge Watershed

This last week seems to have just zipped by so quickly and I'm finally getting a chance to post some photos about our last nature outing with our neighborwoodie friends at the Puntledge Watershed :)

Puntledge Watershed

The park starts with this great bridge leading in along the river...

Puntledge Watershed

and down to the waters edge where you can find these magnificent old trees with their giant root systems above ground. I'm assuming that it must be due to the high volume of water that rushes through here during the wetter winter months and the current has stripped away the soil over the years exposing their roots.

In fact while we were there the sirens went off signaling that they were about to increase the flow of water coming into the river so we were careful to not let the children go into the water while we were there as it was moving quite fast.

Jungle Gym

Nothing like using a giant root system as a make shift jungle gym *grin*.


I love catching photos of my boys walking down the trails together :)

Bald Eagle

The eagles are very active this time of year and we were able to watch a couple sitting atop the trees again that afternoon.

Fishing for Backbone

One very exciting find for the kids was the perfectly intact backbones from last years salmon spawning that takes place here. My oldest did most of the fishing for them as he could reach further out into the stream.

Fish Backbone

They had quite a pile of them collected by the time we left :)

Balance Beam

There are some great old fish ladders out in the back of the trail to. They are large logs buried into the stream at regular intervals with their centers notched out creating a series of sort of steps to make it easier for the salmon to swim upstream during spawning season.

Mossy Trunk

We always have so much fun exploring and despite the lengthy travel time it takes to meet up with our friends the kids always claim that every week was the best one ever!



Seaside Siblings said...

What a beautiful park. Looks like everyone had an amazing day

Jennifer Hoots said...

Hey, where did all your snow go? :-) Is the worst of winter behind you all now? That park looks like a great place to hang out. Thanks for sharing.

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

We share a similar love,EXPLORING.We call it tromping,and the grandson's have always enjoyed it.My knees aren't what they use to be,but I still try to join them.Oh my goodness the buckets of treasures we have outside on the deck from all of their trips.They would have loved those fish skeleton's,and watching that's a great day!