Wednesday, February 16, 2011

right now, I AM


.... smitten with my new wool rovings :)

A splendid array of rainbow colors awaited me as I opened the large box full of wool. I've been dying to spoil myself and buy some rovings but it always seemed like by the time I picked out all the colors I wanted and tacked on shipping from far away places it was more than I wanted to spend. So when I met Natalie from Bear Dance Crafts through the yarn along and realized that she was right here in BC I could have done the happy dance *grin*.

I can see some wet felting and gnome making in my future :)


right now I AM

Click the frog to learn more!


Earth Mama said...

Woo hoo! Happy crafting. What a lucky coincidental find!


Seaside Siblings said...

Have fun! I discovered needlefelting last year, it is so fun, easy and rewarding.

Amy said...

What a pretty picture! Have fun!

anushka said...

can't wait to see what you do! i have some and haven't figured out what to make yet. those colors are happy!

Andréann said...

this will be interesting to see in upcoming posts! the pic is very yummy

Annette said...

Great colors-- happy crafting!

Anonymous said...

About a month ago I was searching out wool felt, sold in Canada...and I came across Natalie's shop. I got my order just in time for Valentine's day...and love all the beautiful colours. Yay Natalie.!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I've wanted to check out roving but haven't found THE place to buy it yet. :) I'm reading your blog lately, sorry I haven't been round to comment. FB is easier. :) ~Cori

Natalie/Woolhalla said...

Thank You for the link! The wool looks so scrumptious!! I think I'd better stop working and go make something :o)