Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We celebrated valentine's day yesterday, a day earlier because my daughter had a date with the dentist again today. So we thought it best to have our party ahead of time so that she could really enjoy it :)


We had egg sandwiches and little cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches, asparagus rolls, ants on a log (the kids love these)....

Valentine Treats

and of course loads of yummy sweets :)

Valentine Treats

My special treat for the kids was one of the yummy-licious candy apples that the Rocky Mountain chocolate factory makes :) When we were in the city on Friday I took them all into the shop and let them stand in front of the giant glass case full of them and let them pick any one their hearts desired *grin*.

You should have seen them agonizing over which one looked like it was going to be the very best one to take home LOL.

Valentine Candy Apples

A sweet treat for such a sweet day :)

Hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day to :)



house full of jays said...

Looks like a very special day indeed! Those apples always looks so tempting!!

nunu said...

really sweet! i remember your post of the candied apple on your dad's birthday. this will be on my list of things to get when we get back to california. there is a rocky mountain candy shop not far from where we will be staying!

Jennifer Hoots said...

So lovely! I've only had one of those apples and they are awesome. (And I had to share it.)