Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kimono Sewing and Geta


It was so nice to pull my sewing machine out this week and listen to it hum along. K has been working very hard on his big research project all about Japan and to go along with his big presentation I thought it would be great if he could dress up in some traditional clothing making it more interesting for the other kids.

In the works

We had a few crafty books as part of his project that showed how to make zen gardens, theatre masks and among the projects was a very rough idea of how to make your own Kimono.

Making a Kimono

When I say rough, I mean rough *grin*. Just a few thumbnail sized photos and a couple of suggestions on how to create the basic body shape but the actual cutting, measuring and getting the sleeves to fit in was a bit trickier. It sure makes a guy have a greater appreciation for those little pattern markings that show you exactly how far to sew and where to attach pieces!

Making Geta

While I fiddled around with the finishing touches on the Kimono I rounded up Hubby to do a little woodworking for us and create the wooden bases for a pair of Japanese Geta.

Making Geta

Geta are wooden shoes with a raised platform bottom. They were traditional Chinese footwear that were later adopted by the Japanese and were especially useful in the winter and rainy times to keep their feet high up off the ground so that they stayed dry.


The top of the shoes were a basic cloth sandal style so after Hubby made the base he drilled in some holes so that K could create the straps.


He used jute and some of the scrap fabric from the making of his kimono and he was so pleased with how they turned out :)


Actually he was quite thrilled with the whole outfit *grin*

For a twelve year old boy he still loves to dress up LOL. Albeit it is usually in a pirate costume like Jack Sparrow off of the Pirates of the Caribbean but he was having quite the time getting the hang of walking around in the restrictive kimono and tipsy shoes :)


I think it all turned out rather well :)

I spent $1.50 at the good will for the two sheets and we had the scrap wood on hand already and we created an entire outfit *grin*. What have you been creating this week? I'd love to stop by and see :)



Sandpiper said...

That is so cool! You're such a good mom!
I've been baking a lot lately, but not doing much in the way of crafts.
Have a good weekend

momma rae said...

love this outfit!! the shoes and the kimono are both wonderful.

i have been woodburning eggs today. both mine and sienna's designs. we are going to paint them tomorrow. i will post pics soon.

happy sunday!

eidolons said...

Wow! Go crafty mama! (:

I've been desperately trying to sew some diaper wipes. But every time I get the sewing machine out it's like a signal for all of my boys to melt down. Ugh.

I did get my new garden dug and (mostly) planted, though!

Dana said...

Good job figuring out the kimono - pictures don't always show the tricky parts. I've been making "back of the carseat organizers" this week -

Grace said...

I am WAY impressed. Nice nice touch to make the geta.

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