Wednesday, March 30, 2011

right now, I AM


....listening to the frogs croaking *grin*.

They're back! Over the last couple of days nature has made a sudden and very vocal comeback and it is music to my ears :) There are so many more birds now visiting the feeder and chirping away, dozens of robins can be seen scouring the fields all the time as they look for bugs and turn the manure piles over and tonight the frogs are singing. And not just one frog but a chorus of them. Not long and there will be multitudes of eggs clinging to the reeds and grass around our pond ready for little fingers to poke at and inspect :)

Hubby and I were just talking and making plans for future camping trips to. He figures it's a little to cold to go now but come the end of April I think we'll start venturing out. I'm looking forward to going further north to one of our favorite spots where we can camp right at the top of the beach along the ocean. It's a little chilly in May but is the only time that we can just pop out whenever we want and get a front row seat to the ocean. I love to spend the afternoons scouring the beach with the children looking for shells, crabs and other cool things that we come across and then at night we get to sleep to the sounds of the waves crashing up onto the rocks :)


There are so many things I am looking forward to :) How about you?


right now I AM

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Anonymous said...

We've also been hearing the birds more, but other than that, we are still pretty much buried in snow :( I too, am mostly looking forward to our camping trips. My hubby works away for 14 days at a time, and then only has 4 days off before going back. When it's summer, and there's no school and I don't work, we really can make the best out of those 4 days and enjoy spending time just the 4 of us together, no matter where we go.

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

This is so similar to my husband's work schedule. He's away at sea for work anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks with the latter being the usual length of time so when he is home we just load up our camper and run *grin*.

It really is so wonderful to spend those precious few days when they are home from work together and i agree that it really doesn't matter where you end up as long as you're all together :) Have fun camping this summer!!

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

I look forward to your pics and posts of camping near the ocean. I too love to walk and search the beach for treasures. We are looking so forward to spring,it's been a long winter this year it seems.

Grace said...

Beautiful photos. We are going camping in April for our daughters bday (so happy that was her bday request)

house full of jays said...

Camping sounds like fun - we haven't ventured past sleepovers in grandma and grandpa's backyard.
I would love to see those frogs!
I am looking forward to longer days, warmer weather and our summer trip to your neck of the woods!