Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Little signs of {SPRING} are everywhere!


Colorful patches of crocus flowers


Captivating leaves surrounding new hellebores blooms

Magnolia bud

Soft and fuzzy jackets encasing magnolia buds

Tomato seedlings

New tomato seedlings in a race to touch the sunshine

Stuck in a tree

And one little boy stuck in a tree *grin*.

Yes, my sassy little one managed to get up into the tree but was unable to find his way back down to the ground needing big brother to come to his rescue :)



Jenny said...

I'm loving the signs of spring---
and that picture of your big boy rescuing your little guy is super cute.

Cheryl said...

Your crocuses are beautiful and must feel so different after all your snow. Feels so good to see everything coming back to life again and little seedlings. My brussel sprout seedlings popped out of the ground over the weekend. Always seems like magic!

Anonymous said...

We won't be seeing signs of spring like that for a while. Our seeds are sprouting but that's about it. We had a snow storm yesterday. It's so good to see the flowers again.


house full of jays said...

Beautiful!!! Our signs of spring are buried under snow...

Lo said...

Oh how lovely to see all the things sprouting up in spring, we don't get anything like it here and i really miss the spring back home in the uk
Thank you for posting the flowers