Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Man Winter Strikes Again

Holy snow!!!

Old man winter is definitely not done burying us with snow and knocking out our electricity *grin*.

At 6:30 this morning I was awoken to tears as my youngest blubbered that he couldn't see anything. Of course I was half asleep and thought something terribly wrong must have happened but in the end he was just upset that the power was out and he couldn't play with his toys because it was still to dark LOL.

As I made my way to the family room and peered out the window I was greeted by giant mounds of snow. During the night just under a foot of the white stuff had fallen covering everything.

Last night we new a storm was coming our way so I had filled pots and buckets with water so that we could cook and have fresh drinking water and taped the handles of the toilet up so that no one could flush them first thing in the morning *grin*. I know that sounds really funny but when the power goes out our well pump doesn't work and it never fails but one or sometimes all three of the kids flush by mistake and it puts air in our water tank which causes our pump to work twice as hard when it starts up again. So this time I was prepared! LOL

Snow Flowers

Not quite the flowers that I had envisioned planting in our colored gum boots this spring... oh yeah, it's not spring yet! There goes any hopes I had of digging in the garden just yet *grin*.

Digging Out

Poor Hubby. He was not thrilled that he had to shovel his way to his truck and dig it out so that he could take a quick jaunt to the gas station to pick up the paper and grab a coffee :) He is a serious caffeine junky and thought that it would be easier to run down to the corner to get his fix but by the time he finally got the truck running and left he could have had the water boiled and coffee perked on the woodstove LOL.


This afternoon we thought we'd take a drive and check out what sort of damage the wind storm had done. On the news just now they said that at the peak of the storm more than 52,000 homes were without any power so we weren't the only ones in the dark today :)

Marine Weather

Down on Hubby's tug boat as we rocked and rolled quite crazily we listened to the marine weather for updates on the wind and watched the waves crashing against the breakwater. The kids had a great time spinning the big wheel and hanging on tight at the same time as they tried to acquire some sea legs *grin*.

It was a lovely quiet day full of board games and make believe play, tickle fights and read alouds :) The lights have finally come back and we're back to some of our regular routine. Stir fry is sauteing on the stove top, the news is on in the background so that we can see how the rest of the island faired and soon it will be time for goodnight kisses and bedtime songs :)

It's been a good day :)



the sleepy time gal said...

so happy to meet you on your blog. sounds like we have a lot in common. (except for the location!:)

Anonymous said...

We've been hit too by old man Winter (though it looks like you got WAY more snow than us), but power stayed though. I'm SO ready for spring!

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed how you didn't let the new snow get you down...your day sounds delightful! Happy power back on for you though! When the power goes out I think the thing I dislike the most is the toilet situation! When I was a kid we had an outside privy so it was never a problem when the power went out...LOL

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Oh you poor thing...Mother Nature can be so cruel.Just when your mind wanders to spring thoughts BAM!She reminds us it's not over yet.But as a northern lady I'm sure you are use to it. I really love dthe photo of all the boats heading out.That looked so interesting...I enjoy seeing and hearing about everyone's life outside of my area.Since we rarely get to travel anymore it lets me feel like I visited other places =)