Friday, March 25, 2011

Weenie Roast

Weenie Roast

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here for the last couple of days and perfect timing to for our bonfire and weenie roast :)


My dad has been burning giant piles of brush for the last week but they were so big and hot that we could only enjoy watching them burn but couldn't get close enough to stand and roast hotdogs without roasting ourselves to *grin*. So we waited until there was a nice little fire so that my little guy could enjoy it to without me having to worry he'd fall in. He's a bit of a handful so small is better for him LOL.

Roasting Weenies

K was in charge of making spears for us with his new pocket knife and everyone was excited to get roasting.


My mom and I happily sat watching them with a nice glass of vino :) I'm not sure if wine actually goes with hotdogs but my glass sure looked nice sitting on a round of firewood amongst the ferns *grin*.

Pull up a Stump

The firewood made pretty good chairs to...


but somewhere during roasting hotdogs and sitting down the girly managed to plant her behind in a big pile of soot! I'm not even sure where she found it but if there is something super dirty my kids will find it :)

Toasting Marshmallows

Of course our little party wouldn't be complete without the sweet treat of marshmallows....

Fire Control

which led to flame control...


and some darn good s'mores :)

Forest Picnic

I could have spent the entire day down in the field with the forest as my backdrop and listened to the snap crackle of the fire as the kids added more twigs everytime they passed by :) So lovely.



loulee said...

What is it with children and dirt? LOL

house full of jays said...

This beautiful post reminds me of so many lovely things...Yay for warmer weather! We had to visit to the zoo today while the snow came down in heavy, wet flakes.