Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Well here we are, the night I normally post about what I'm knitting and I don't have one photo or any progress to speak off. Could this be the end of my knitting??

Nah! I'm going to finish that sweater... honest *grin*. Just not this week :)

April brings the yearly Canadian Cancer Society door to door fundraising campaign and for a little over a decade I've been beating the pavement each April to help raise money for cancer research and support services for those fighting cancer.

I started volunteering around the time that my uncle was diagnosed and very soon after passed away from colon cancer and as I carried on over the years it has become even more of a personal quest as two very dear friends have succumbed to it and I've watched my own father battle the cancer demon twice himself.

So now as the zone leader for my area I try to recruit others to help out and today I picked up my box full of campaign books, name badges and sunshine yellow daffodil pins to hand out along the way :)

I can't wait to pass on some of my hopefulness to someone new this year that what we do each April is more than just asking for money.... that maybe one day real soon we'll be able to laugh in the face of cancer and say be gone with you.


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