Monday, December 20, 2010

Trying To Slow Things Down

Miniature gingerbread house

The closer we get to Christmas the faster our days seem to be going despite my attempts of slowing things down. Hubby finally made it home for the holidays yesterday which is wonderful as that gives him a handful of precious days for family time and squeezing in any shopping or visiting before he heads back out on his tug the day after boxing day.

The children have been busy little bees making last minute gifts for each other and this year they decided that they would make coupon books for everyone. The little drawings are so cute, depicting chores such as helping with the weeding in the garden, housework, packing firewood, feeding the cows and the 'good for anything' coupon! Hubby was teasing them because that coupon was sort of like writing a blank check and who knows what it could be used for *grin*.

Enjoying our cookies

I've made great headway on my handmade gifts to :)

K finished the construction of the fairy house today and actually added a balcony accessible through a little round door and I got all of the little crocheted rugs finished along with a lacey tablecloth and am waiting for the glue to dry on the little hanging chandelier. My little gnome snack mats are finished and wrapped and I have a couple pairs of felted sweater slippers just waiting to have their tops crocheted so it's looking like I'm going to finish everything on time after all *grin*.

We've been enjoying our cookie stash in the freezer and our little gingerbread houses perched on our mugs of hot cocoa and I am so looking forward to Christmas eve. That is the night that we open our gifts, spend time with my mom, dad, sister and her husband and just relax enjoying one anothers company. The snow has began to fall again and it looks like were definitely going to have a white Christmas this year :)



Anonymous said...

It's absolutely crazy isn't it. I swear the end of year is going to pass me by and then won't be anything i can do to stop it.

I love the little gingerbread houses. Especially as they're sitting on the end of a mug. Makes me want to make some tea or hot chocolate. Which i might just do.

Grace said...

Good idea to put the little houses on the cups - too cute.

Sounds like you've gotten a lot done.

One more scarf to finish knitting. Will I ever finish?

Jill said...

Hi Rosina, just wanted to say hi and wish you and your family a Happy Xmas! Kimberley did another season at Mt Hotham and is now living interstate in Vic with her boyfriend. She has gone back dental nursing for the time being. She arrives home on Xmas Eve for a week - yay!! Jillxx

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