Wednesday, December 1, 2010

right now, I AM

right now, I AM

...being silly!
I told my daughter I had thought of a new way that we could warm up her pajamas so they wouldn't be so cold when she got dressed for bed. So I stuck them on the brick wall *grin*. Our main woodstove chimney is right behind the bricks and the wall gets super toasty. The fuzzy jammies stuck to the rough bricks like velcro and they warmed right up for her :) Definitely got some giggles out of her before bed *grin*.

PS. please excuse my massive laundry pile. Anyone feel like folding? I'll pay you in cookies :)


right now I AM
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Arte Mãos Dadas said...

you are complaining about your little laundry pile???
you should see ours, and we don't have kids at home

Amy Friend said...

Heck, I will fold your laundry and mine if you can keep my kids entertained while I do it!

Jennifer Hoots said...

That's what I call using what you have! Work for cookies just might get my own kids moving here!