Wednesday, December 15, 2010

right now, I AM

right now, I AM

....failing miserably at fighting off temptation!!

Mr. Snowman

Today I made mass amounts of icing for the children to decorate their sugar cookies with :) Oh what fun we had with sticky fingers, red and green m&m's and sprinkles. At one point my 4 year old was nearly naked as he had so much icing stuck to his shirt that we had to remove it LOL.

Cookies Galore

But now I have been left alone with an unguarded stash of the sweet little cookies and I'm having an awful hard time not taking a nibble every time I pass through the kitchen!

I am SO weak *grin*.


right now I AM
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Jenn4him said...

This is why I am not making cookies until next week. I made 4 batches this month and they are all gone!

Sherry said...

oh icing! That makes it so hard! They look yummy!

anushka said...

hehehe! i'm just like you! peeling clothes off my (almost) 4 year old and sneaking bites of the cookies and chocolates we've been making. : ) 'tis the season! your cookies look wonderful! we have yet to make ours that look like that - anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little half brother and sister on saturday who are coming for two weeks with my dad and step mom. because if we made them before them, i'd probably eat them all by myself.

Andréann said...

Cookies definitely don't last long here either.

There's no crafting place around so I had to go to a nasty big store to get a hook; and guess what? Wal-mart had this wall of bamboo hook!

Angela said...

man can I relate to that. i think I ate my weight in cookies yesterday. :) :)

Grace said...

Yes, it is tough. I ate icing from a can today (while we were making gingerbread houses). GROSS.

Good luck!