Monday, December 27, 2010

New Bed For The Boy


We had a bit of a belated Christmas present for my oldest son this morning :) We were finally able to pick up the new mattress we had ordered quite a while back and put together the long awaited new bed that Hubby had made for him :)

Hubby has been working away on building it for him in the garage during his spare moments when he was home from work using spruce planks, routering, sanding and monogramming it into a special bed just for K :)

new bed

I am so excited for him to finally have a really nice bed!

Previously he had the bottom half of a bunk bed that we had been given when he was just little and the mattress was quite lumpy so this is going to make for some amazing sleep time with a brand spanking new mattress to sleep on.


Of course the younger ones had to test out big brother's bed... just to make sure that he was going to like it *grin*.

Hubby has one more bed to make for my daughter now and we were making plans today for how he might construct it. I want hers to be a little bit more girly so we're going to peruse the pre-made moldings at the lumber store next time we're in the city and see what we can incorporate into her foot and head boards. Maybe a poster bed with a frilly topped canopy might be nice to *grin*. No matter how he makes it I know she is just going to love whatever her daddy makes just for her :)



Jenn4him said...

That is a real gift to have, the ability to make things out of wood! I am glad your husband is passing that skill down to his sons. Beautiful bed!`

Grace said...

So very nice. A lovely place to lay his head.

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