Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tagging Along


With Hubby home for only a couple of days we thought that we would make the most of our time together and tag along when he went down to the wharf to check on the tugs this afternoon :)

Daddy's tug

Bundled up for the frosty weather we carefully made our way down to the end of the wharf finger peeking over the sides as we went hoping to catch a glimpse of some jelly fish or star fish but there were none to be found today. The kids were more successful at scavenging through the boat cupboards looking for treats *grin*. They know exactly where to find daddy's stash of chips, cookies and sometimes chocolate!

Future Tug boater

Of course a trip to the boat wouldn't be complete without spinning the big wheel while navigating to pretend destinations :) Today we were pirates in search of our stolen bounty... somehow though I nearly ended up walking the plank *grin*.

The imaginations of children are such treasures :)



Anonymous said...

Love the lighted trucks and the tug boats. What a wonderful life you have! :) I'm sure it is hard to have your hubby gone so much though. I'm not ready for Christmas either. I probably won't get much handmade things done this year. I'm making a scarf for my MIL. I seem to give things to the kids as make them instead of hiding them for a surprise. :)

K said...

I have to tell you: the words "tug boat" just do something to me. All those books my folks read to me when I was little. Tugs are so chunky and efficient and full of character. I very much enjoyed the pictures. Thank you.

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