Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fairy House in Progress

Fairy House

As part of our handmade Christmas I had great plans for a little fairy house for my daughter but with Hubby being away for work so much this month I needed a new master builder *grin*. Thank goodness my oldest son loves to work with wood and he has taken on the job of building the house for her :) It is coming along fabulously! I had wanted to share newer photos of it today but when I went to take photos my camera battery was dead so I'll have to try and snap some more photos later to show you how it turns out!

fairy house

He's constructing it out of alder and pine wood and I thought that instead of just putting in square windows it would be fun to make them circular so we used my dad's hole cutting attachment for his drill and popped them out and added little room dividers so that she could create different little spaces after :)

The big highlight of the house is the elevator! See the hole in the bottom of the floor? Well that is actually the top floor and we have a little circular elevator that will drop through the floor down to the bottom level that is wound up and down on a wooden dowling and old wooden thread spool :) She is going to love it.

Fairy House

Today he finished putting the door on with tiny little brass hinges, all of the windows have little wooden crossbars dissecting them into 4 window panes and the shutters were in the process of being glued on :)

I'm in charge of making curtains, flower swags, crocheted carpets, plus I have a dandy idea for a little hanging chandelier. Now if only I had just a few more days.... christmas is just around the corner and I'm finally feeling the crunch!!!

How are your holiday projects coming along? Maybe I'll be the only one up till dawn the night before christmas eve finishing mine up LOL.



Karen said...

How old is your talented son? Mercy! What a wonderful present! Your daughter will have so much fun playing with her fairy house. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas.
In Him,
Mama Karen

eidolons said...

Look at me being jealous! I want a faerie house to play with, too! (:

Grace said...

This is going to be a huge hit I know. How cool. And it will be even more special when built by big brother.

Karen Sue said...

I'm now trying to be honest about what's NOT going to get done...