Wednesday, December 29, 2010

right now, I AM

Snow Plow

....longing for the snow to return.
How is it that only 15 minutes north of us this is the beautiful winter scenery that awaits me yet here at my home we are completely green again?!

Looking back

I want to go back... or at least for it to return to me :)


right now I AM
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eidolons said...

I suspect it's not as green there as it is here in the land of no snow. (:

Karen said...

Your part of the world looks magical when blanketed with snow. :)
Happy New Year!
Mama Karen

loulee said...

I'll come with you into the snow. :-)
We have rain, rain, wet miserable rain.

Elisa said...

Ohmygoodness...I'm from Switzerland originally and the sight of those snow covered pine trees make me homesick! Beautiful pictures.