Friday, December 10, 2010

Quilled Christmas Cards

Quilled Christmas Cards

Here's the first of our Christmas cards for this years Kids Craft Weekly card swap :) The kids are crazy about quilling so I thought that it would be great to incorporate it into our project.


If you don't know what quilling is it basically is just the art of twirling paper into coils and manipulating them into different shapes using the nifty little tool above :) It has two metal prongs on one end that have a tiny space between them for slipping the end of your paper strip into and then you just wind it up.

Quilled Snowman

So we've been twirling balls for snowmen and teasing curly trees out of our paper :)

Quilled Christmas Cards

With our snowflake punches, sparkle papers and buttons we glitzed up our trees and my oldest was in charge of handwriting merry christmas on each one :)

Button Snowman

Of course I wanted to play with the quilling to!
So after the kids went to bed I just had to make a card of my own and made this super cute button snowman to go along with my quilled tree :) You know I just couldn't let the kids have all the fun *grin*.

If you want to give quilling a try I recommend Twirled Paper by Klutz. We have this book and it comes with the tool, tons of multi colored paper strips, glue and oodles of great animals to make :) We have a whole quilled paper farm on the fridge right now and they are darn cute *grin*.


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karen said...

wow your cards look great and quilling sounds like fun! thanks for the book recomendation

Elizabeth said...

Oh how fun! I have never quilled, but it has caught my eye on more than one occation. The girls and I may have to give it a try. Hopefully, I can find the book at our library.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And I would be honnored if you "borrowed" the tree ornament idea.

Blessings, Elizabeth

Amy said...

I've always loved quilling. The cards are adorable. I hope that they survive the mail ok! Will they get smooshed? Your oldest has lovely handwriting.

Elisa said...

Great looking cards! That is so cool. This is the 2nd time I've heard of quilling. What a fun thing to do.

ELK said...

so wonderful!!

Ann Martin said...

Such cute designs! I love the Twirled Paper book too - so many good ideas.

Jenn4him said...

So neat!

Anonymous said...

Surprising i've never heard about the art of quilling before. Nor have i even seen any quilled christmas cards. I really like these and might have it give it try myself.

Anonymous said...

LOVE these Rosina. You've got me inspired to try some new things (as usual.) xoxo