Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bunny Fun

bunny bowling pins

It's Easter weekend!!
I like to keep the candy consumption on holidays to a minimum and it's especially hard when everyone wants to give baskets full of those tasty chocolate bunnies at Easter. So to combat the sugar overload that I know is inevitable I've been lovingly creating handmade gifts for the children to replace the candy from mama :)

Oh my goodness, there is no shortage of craft tutorials on the web and you could seriously craft something new everyday till you die! LOL. Needless to say it was pretty easy to find some super cute bunny themed gifts to make :)

I bookmarked these adorable bunny bowling pins last year when thelongthread shared about them on the Storque knowing that I was going to have to try making them! I've been collecting brightly colored fabrics for them and last night in the wee hours of the morning I started cutting, dug out my button stash to sew on their eyes and embroidered their whiskers :)

bunny bowling pins

They're turning out fabulously! I have this wacky sort of quirk about hoarding fabric scraps *grin*. I very rarely throw them away. Larger scraps are kept for quilting and other smaller sewing projects and the selvage and other tiny trimmings that I slice off of my cloth bags that I make I have in bag in the craft closet waiting to be recycled so that I can keep them out of the garbage can. Well this was a perfect project for re-using them!

I stuffed all of the bunny bowling pins with them :) They created super dense and heavy bunnies and the strips compacted nice and tight inside the bunnies just like they had been stuffed with batting. I just finished sewing up their bottoms and can't wait to give them tomorrow as surprise presents :)

Finger puppet bunnies

My little bunny finger puppets that I had mentioned making a couple of days ago have turned out perfectly to. I just LOVE their little pom pom tails and they were so quick and easy to make. My little 4 year old is going to have so much fun playing with them :) Well I better get back to sewing if I'm going to finish off the last minute touches the my goodies.

Happy Easter everyone :)

~ Rosina

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craftydill said...

Your bunnies are really cute! And I love how you used your fabric scraps for the stuffing! I find it very hard to throw away yarn ends too! :D