Saturday, April 10, 2010

Frog Spawn ~ Outdoor Challenge Day 5

Frog Spawn

We finally had a chance to get down to the pond again today and after a brief search along the banks of the pond we spotted an egg sack or frog spawn (fertilized eggs) within reach! During the breeding period a single frog can lay thousands of eggs. One frog spawn alone can contain hundreds and hundreds of eggs. The freshly laid eggs have many predators. A few of them are newts, fish, snakes, aquatic insects and birds.

Did you know that roughly only 1 in 5 eggs matures into a frog? No wonder they need to lay so many eggs! I don't think that they'll miss a couple if we take a few to observe :)

Frog Spawn

K had some trouble picking put the eggs as they were so slippery but they couldn't escape being sucked into the large jar. We didn't end up keeping them all we just couldn't avoid sucking them all in en mass when they started to float in *grin*.

The following link is to an interesting 2 minute video of frogs mating in a backyard pond. It has some neat underwater shots and close ups of the frogs and frog spawn. You can view it at:

Make sure you turn up your speakers and watch it on full screen for the best view. Another neat site is this one which helps you identify different frog eggs by telling you the different breeding times, egg sizes, color, hatch time and more!

We can't wait to see if we can raise our frog spawn to maturity!!

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~ Rosina

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Anonymous said...

This is totally cool! We are just leaving the house to go for a long walk down by the river...I'm going for look for my own "frog spawn." I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to take some home though...
If I do I might need to email you for "tips" on "growning" my own frogs. :) Happy Sunday.

Anonymous said...

PBS on Facebook recently had an article about how to help the frogs. Taking a few home and then releasing them is a good idea IMO. =) Grama got some last spring and they did very well.

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