Friday, April 9, 2010

Bubbles ~ Outdoor Challenge Day 4


Little bubble round and fair,
Floating slowly through the air.


We had so much fun blowing bubbles outside today and I thought you may enjoy this lovely bubble poem by Grover *grin*.

Visit The Great Outdoors Challenge to join in the fun and you can also visit other participants and see what sort of nature fun they have been having by clicking on the names below :)

~ Rosina

Fellow Nature Players:lisa, sanders, angelina, phyllis, sarah, christie, jennifer, debbie, dong dong, denise, luisa, joy, stephanie, cori, alex, dawn, kristen, catherine, tricia, becky, christy, ruth, kari, courtney, branflakes, jessica, renee, haiku, brynn, amy, clemencia, sherry, leslie, lise, renee, anet, jenn, marina, amy, ella, marcia, karen, beth, julie, kyndale, kelly, lizzie, eileen, ag, mari-ann, cindy, robin, nicole, debbie, julia, anita, lisa, jenn, montessori, marita, jeannie, hallie, mandy, kangaroo, andrea, joey, carmen, teena, stephinie, gidget, elizabeth, emma, rosina, saminda, melissa, katie, becca, atouria, barbara, ariella, missy, elizabeth, sarah, eileen, lisa, stacy, jennifer, tulsileaf, lisa C, morticia, angela, rana, jamie, lisa c, luz, charley, heather, valerie, kirsten, rachel, annie, kendra, beth s, lindsey, michelle, megan, renee


Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Ohh what a fun challenge! I love blowing bubbles! :)

Melissa said...

How fun! I still cannot believe you have been getting snow?! Crazy times we are living in when Ontario gets rain and The Island gets snow!

Molytail said...

I think the fun of blowing bubbles is something that a person never outgrows ~ or at least, I haven't!

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