Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lack of Nature ~ Outdoor Challenge Day 15

Outdoor Water colors

Well today was a day of no nature for the mama *grin*.
I have been taking my mom and dad around to different car dealers for the last couple of week as they hunted for the perfect deal on a new car :) Well today we left home at first light and headed down island to the VW dealer where they had some 2009 Jettas left on the lot that hadn't sold from last years inventory and they found one that they liked!! Hooray :) I have a diesel Jetta that I just adore and I had secretly been hoping that they would get one to but they settled on a gas one and got a fantastic deal on it to. My dad drove a hard bargain and won out in the end saving himself $6000 on a brand spanking new one. Way to go dad!

So 6 hours later they had the papers signed and we were on our way or so we thought. We all piled in and I was in the backseat and as I reached to put down the window my finger slipped right through the spot where the switch for the power window was supposed to be! Can you believe it? They had robbed the switch at some time for another car and totally forgot to replace it and we hadn't even noticed! Thank goodness I sat back there or my mom and dad may have never noticed, or at least not for quite a while since there's really no one that's going to spend a lot of time back there anyways :)

Another hour later we were finally on our way, but not home. We decided to take the new set of wheels for a quick spin to Costco since it was so close and do a little shopping *grin*. It was well after 10pm by the time I finally made it home to my sleeping babies and I missed out on any nature happenings that went on around here today :) I heard that they got a chance to head down to daddy's tug boat for a while and I'm sure they raided the cookie cupboard while they were there! I'll have to catch up with some photos tomorrow to share with you all and I'm glad that you all liked our lettuce munching experience from yesterday *grin*.

Happy nature hunting!

Do you have photos of your children enjoying the outdoors? Visit The Great Outdoors Challenge to join in the fun and you can also visit other participants and see what sort of nature fun they have been having by clicking on the names below :)

~ Rosina

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