Monday, April 5, 2010

Flickr Favorites ~ Marvelous Macro

1. Coccinella, 2. Stamen, 3. the dance of fire, 4. Giant-Blueberry

Macro photography is always so interesting! The simplest of objects can be magnified so intensely that they look quite alien or a tiny visitor such as the snail on the blueberries above becomes glaringly apparent especially if you happened to have not noticed him and might have eaten him!!

This is a photo I took of a Helleborus pistil and stamen. I love how you can see the little bits of pollen clinging to the anthers.

And this is the underside of a limpet that we found beach combing one afternoon :) Isn't he the creepiest little thing you've ever seen?! He was totally into checking out his new surroundings and you can see his mouth and tentacles extended in the upper left hand corner.

Yucky but oh so interesting *grin*. Have you taken any macro shots lately? I think I'm going to have to take my camera and see what sort of spring shots I can capture!

Want to join in the fun and share your flickr favorites? Head over to Misty's blog and join in!

~ Rosina


Mitsy / ArtMind said...

OMG, that last picture just makes me want to run! I'm so afraid of any creature that produces slime! ;)
Don't have a good macro lens but I'm saving up for one! Lovely mosaic, Rosina! :)

Jennifer McLean said...

terrific mosaic, Rosina. Macros are amazing and I love painting them.

Kim van Waardenburg said...

Oh I love the colorscheme you made in your mosaic!!
And now I know for sure I need a macrolens too.... fab pics!!

Oh and hold on here 's some sunshine, enjoy today!!

Ooty said...

what a wondefrul mosaic! I like macro shots as well,seems so magical =)

LeelaBijou said...

wow! stunning mosaic! I love macro photos, they let you look into the smallest details :)

hinke said...

I love that little snal on the bleuberries!

Unknown said...

I love macro too, these favs are wonderful!

Rima Family said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Kuutydruk said...

Wow, amazing mosaic and your photos are magnificant as well!