Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bird Attack ~ Outdoor Challenge Day 22

golden crowned sparrow

Oh such a sweet looking but so terribly naughty bird.
Yes... I said naughty and I meant it!

eaten vegstarts

Remember all of those wonderful broccoli, cauliflower & cabbage plants that we planted just a little over a week ago?

GONE! Decimated, destroyed, wiped out, eradicated, annihilated, ravaged, eaten and in the end vanished. I've run out of words to describe what happened to our little vegetable babies *grin*. One day we were watering them and the next day there wasn't anything but the leafless stalks in the photo above. An entire patch gone.

golden crowned sparrow

Apparently this isn't the first time that the Golden Crowned Sparrow has struck so I've been told and they like to munch on fresh greens as they migrate to their breeding grounds. We have never had trouble with them before and maybe it's because of the mild winter and we planted just a little to early this spring before these little plant eaters had passed through but whatever the case may be we were hit.

From now on I will be very wary of the yellow stripe!!! LOL

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~ Rosina


Brimful Curiosities said...

That is one very naughty bird. Hope it stays away.

Jennifer Hoots said...

Oh poor Rosina! That's one hungry bird.

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful bird and great photos. Do you use a special lens or something more than a pocket camera? Sorry about your crop. A blue jay has moved in at our feeders and he has scared away our other birds.