Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Robin Egg ~ Outdoor Challenge Day 9

Robin Egg

We didn't get much time to spend outdoors today as we hit the road first thing in the morning for a day at the museum :) They had fun learning about air pressure by sucking eggs into bottles, blowing out candles around objects and then heading to the park to shoot off foam rockets launched by an air pump :)

When we arrived back home this evening L found this poor little Robin egg that had fallen out of its nest. It must have happened the other night when the wind was blowing quite hard. We were very fortunate last year to be able to watch a batch of baby Robins grow from egg to first flight when they nested in a hanging basket right outside our kitchen window. Every once in a while I find someone peaking out into the plant hanger in hopes that a Robin will make it her home again *grin*.

Do you have photos of your children enjoying the outdoors? Visit The Great Outdoors Challenge to join in the fun and you can also visit other participants and see what sort of nature fun they have been having by clicking on the names below :)

~ Rosina

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ONe PiNK FiSH said...

We are going to that exhibit in about 10 minutes. I wonder... Do you happen to livin in Austin or nearby?

Melissa said...

I haven't commented as much as I would have liked but I am loving your posts for the challenge. I cannot believe you are able to everything you do and hten blog too! Crazy! I cannot even remember to bring the camera every time it seems! But I have your posts to look forward to so I am ok with that.

Jill said...

Hi Rosina, thanks for your comment on my bag. I really admire you doing the home schooling - you are a special person.

My daughter has 2 weekends to go at Mt Washington then travelling down west coast USA for a month and arrives home on 1 June - can't wait! (Then she's off to Mt Hotham (Aust snowfields) again!) Jill x p.s. How's the cat going?