Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Ready

I'm ready to start!
I finally got into town and picked up some pretty yellow linen and an assortment of brightly colored embroidery thread for stitching with :)

I'm not sure though if I'm going to start by drawing my grid of 100 blocks. During the last stitch along I had noticed that some of the gals used up two block spaces for larger blocks and I really liked how it looked and I'd like to incorporate that into my sampler. So I think that I may start with just one line of 10 blocks and then see how it goes *grin*. That will be my project for tomorrow and hopefully I'll get a block completed to!

Happy stitching,


alicia in Hawaii said...

Your beginning looks exciting! I love the part of collecting supplies for the new project. Your threads look very bright and cheery. I can't wait to see them on your yellow fabric!
alicia in Hawaii

craftydill said...

Rosy, I can't wait to see the progression of your sampler! I know it will be fabulous!! Have a great weekend!!