Sunday, April 25, 2010

Outdoor Challenge Days 17, 18, 19 & 20

lawnchair boys

Oh my word!! Where have the last 4 days gone?!
Life definitely took a left hand turn and my blogging routine had to take a temporary back seat but I'm back *grin*.

My two day Earth Day sale was a smashing success, so between sewing and spending 3 of the last 4 days on the road for appointments and unexpected outings and chasing the kids with my camera to prove we actually went outside *wink*, I just couldn't manage to squeeze in the blogging. I hope you can forgive me *grin*.

kite flying

We've filled our days with lots of kite flying.

kite flying

Last week at the museum the kids made homemade kites with plastic tablecloths, straws and lots of tape :) They worked real well to!

K's campsite

Hubby has been a busy little bee remodeling our pull trailer that we purchased last summer. We got the deal of the century on a brand new looking travel trailer inside and out. The down side was that the floor was completely rotten. You couldn't see it but you could feel it when you walked on certain spots of the floor. We put it off last summer so that we could have some fun using it before Hubby ripped the whole place apart and it's a good thing we did as it took a little longer than he thought as he could only work on the few days he has off. I'm happy to say that the new floor is down, linoleum has been laid and all of the fixtures, water, gas and so on have been put back in place :)

The closer we got to completing it the more excited the kids got about the upcoming camping trips in our future! So they've been pretend camping *grin*. You know when you go camping quite often the spots are numbered, well K created a camping number sign for our trailer. Don't ask me where he got #21 from but that's out spot LOL.

K's campsite

Check back shortly and the fire should be roaring and we'll have plenty of marshmallows for roasting & making s'mores *grin*.

Do you have photos of your children enjoying the outdoors? Visit The Great Outdoors Challenge to join in the fun and you can also visit other participants and see what sort of nature fun they have been having by clicking on the names below :)

~ Rosina

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