Monday, June 28, 2010

Victoria Bliss

Victoria Mag

Look what came in the mail today!! My new copy of Victoria :)
I just love this magazine. My mother started buying it when it first became available in 1987 and I remember pouring over the beautiful photos of ladies and children dressed so perfectly, garden scenery, poetry, a step back in time so to speak... a portal to another world.

When it was discontinued in 2003 it was terribly missed by many people, especially my mom so when I heard that they were bringing it back in 2007 I purchased her a secret subscription for Christmas and one for myself to *grin*. Now when it comes every couple of months we can loose ourselves in its pages once again and I thought that I would share some images with you from my new one :)

Victoria Mag

Victoria Mag

Victoria Mag

Victoria Mag

Victoria Mag

Wishing you all a day filled with much beauty :)

~ Rosina


Unknown said...

yummy filled pages of bliss..... enjoy browsing...have a great week...Mica

genie said...

I LOVED THAT the red and the style....wish it was sitting on my table instead of yours :-) Your blog is just so pretty and colorful.....Genie

Jennifer Hoots said...

You live Victoria every day. I see it in all the photos you post. :-)

Anonymous said...

We do have so much in common Rosina! I LOVE that magazine. I've never subscribed by my other tea party lovin' friend let me borrow her stack. She was the first person who showed me how casual and ecclectic tea parties can be. I personally love Country French style with the blend of rustic and lace. :-) My Mom is giving me many of her pretties (yeah, supposed to be purging). She gave me a pretty triffle dish that is sparkling on my counter begging for something yummy to be put in it. Maybe next week.

I am going to make room for the pretties and USE them. I'll get rid of my plastic bowls and gladware junk first.