Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fishing For A New Door

Cutthroat Trout

The boys have been at it again!

Another successful afternoon of fishing at the lake. My dad swears by heading out just before 4pm for the dinner bite... it seems to be working *grin*. K was so excited to share what they caught with me and strung them along the stick to proudly display them for the photo. He claims to have caught the largest one this time :)

We had the chance to head into the city and have lunch with my sister today at her house. It was a beautifully sunny day and we ate on her patio while the kids played badminton and ran around the yard. Just before heading home I stopped off at the re-use store where you can purchase building materials that people donate from houses that are being renovated or torn down. All of the money they make from selling the used building supplies goes to Habitat for Humanity so quite often we will have a browse and see if there is something we need.

I just happen to need a new storm door as the my old one had an unfortunate run in with a disgruntled goat and well long story short he rammed it with his lone horn and left me with no glass or screen :(

So far whenever we've gone looking I can never find one the right size and if there are any they are pretty beat up or missing the framing, but today was my lucky day! They had a newer white one that is all glass with a sliding screen window in the center and all of the framing was intact. The screened part needs replacing but I just happen to have a repair kit already so that can be fixed in a cinch. The downside is that Hubby is still away at work and they wouldn't hold it for me :( I'm a crossing my fingers and toes that it will be there at the end of the week when he should be back home and we can run in with the truck and get it. Oh how I hope it doesn't sell!

~ Rosina


paula said...

What fond memories . . fishing with Dad . . . seeing the photo made mymouth water for Eel River caught Indiana catfish . . . living in Western New York, they would be a delicacy for me now.

Anonymous said...

Nice string of fish!! As you know my boys love fishing too. :-) Fingers crossed for the door too. ~ Cori (open ID not working)

Jennifer Hoots said...

That's quite a catch. And yippee for finding a door that might work.
Jenn ♥

Maricela Milum said...

I feel sorry for what happened to your storm door. What’s good though is that it gave you a chance to finally make a change and have a new door. It was good news that you were able to find a new door that you like without breaking a sweat. I hope everything went well afterwards though!

jojo said...

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