Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet Temptation

baked french toast

Hmmm, what did I do with my day today you ask?
I think I spent most of it growing wider! *grin*

I seriously need to stop reading all blogs that post recipes. Of course I'm drawn to all the wonderfully healthy fruit & veggie type recipes out there but nothing screams MAKE ME like something loaded with calories. Yeah... I'm a total sucker for the sweets!

My new blog friend Annie from Sensible Living has some totally kick butt recipes and for breakfast we tried her baked french toast recipe that is topped with a praline crumble. Oh my word, delicious!!

chocolate torte

As if one sweet treat wasn't enough I also made her raspberry chocolate torte and mmm was it good :) Being austrian we make a lot of tortes and I must say this is a darn good torte *grin*. The only thing I wish I would have had was fresh raspberries *sob* I had to use frozen ones from last summer because this years crop isn't quite ready yet. Oh well, that just means I've got to try it at least one more time! LOL.


Hey now it wasn't all sugar today, I had a salad to!!
We had more of that delicious french lettuce and it really is more tender than the regular butterhead variety. The woman that gave it to us also gave my mom some seeds so we can grow some of our own now to :)

So normally I might ask if you have baked something sweet lately but I'm going to stop right now and save myself from more temptation *grin*.

~ Rosina


Anonymous said...

Annie's recipes are amazing. This one looks incredible.

I'm not big on sweets (but bring on the salty) however do enjoy making things like this from time to time.

We you born in Austria? My husband's parents are Hungarian but he was born here. I think he'd like to take Isaac over there someday. Perhaps we will... - Debbie

Jennifer Hoots said...

I know what you mean about reading blogs and wanting to try all the recipes. Yours look very tempting, too.