Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Strolling

L and M holding hands

What a beautiful Sunday :) Weather wise it was ho-hum but the rain held off and allowed us to spend a little time just roaming around, dancing under the trees ring around the rosy style and taking in the fresh air.

K in the field

This time of year always calls for a little bit of self reflection as our homeschool year is coming to an end and I evaluate what worked and what did not. It's a time to think about plans for the fall, what books I want to use and where we need to re-focus.

I came across an interesting article today called 'Our Cluttered Minds'... What the internet is doing to our brains.
.... computers are destroying our powers of concentration. As the blogger Cory Doctorow, a co-editor of the wildly popular Web site Boing Boing, has observed, the typical electronic screen is an “ecosystem of interruption technologies,” encouraging us to peek at our e-mail in-box, glance at Twitter and waste away the day on eBay. And so we lurch from site to site, if only because we constantly crave the fleeting pleasure of new information...

I'll admit I'm guilty of wandering past my desk frequently throughout the day to do a quick mail check and if I'm not careful it is awful easy to get sucked into a half an hour or more of mindless browsing time. Why is it that I can cut the television out of our lives yet I'm a slave to the computer?! It's an amazing resources for educational material for the children, a crafting bonanza for the creative types and yes the social part of it is a great perk especially when you live rural and don't see many people on a regular basis as is my case but holy doodle I can see how it could suck your day away. Thank goodness I've got some will power or I could see myself locked in a room 24/7 with only the glow of the monitor to keep me company. *shudder*.

Oh boy, I've got to shut his baby down immediately before it sucks my last brain cell out through my retina! LOL.
~ Rosina


Unknown said...

so true. I enjoy the occasional surfing of the web myself and yes I too peek at my e-mail throughout the day. I had Facebook for a while but bagged that garbage a year ago... Now that is a waste of has even broken a few of my relations with some family members. Sad and long story.... anyhoo, it is easy to get lost in it, Just set a limit. Have fun planning next year. We are preparing for that too. I love Home schooling! Mica/The Child's Paper

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