Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stenciled T-Shirts for Father's Day

fathers day t-shirts

Father's Day is June 20th and a perfect day to celebrate the Super Hero in your family or in our case to celebrate our 'Super Daddy'! *grin*

I'm crazy about stenciling t-shirts and have done quite a few for the kids and a few school ones with our school name on them for when we go on homeschool outings so I thought what would be better than having each of the kids make a special shirt for daddy :)

fathers day t-shirts

If you have never made a t-shirt using freezer paper it is super simple and you can even check out a tutorial I did on it back in 2008 that shows you all the steps from start to finish! All you need is a t-shirt, some butcher's paper or freezer paper as it is also called, a craft knife, acrylic paints and a fabric medium to set the paint permanently on the shirt or you can buy fabric paint that is all ready to go.

fathers day t-shirts

I did all of the cutting for the youngest two as they aren't ready to wield a sharp blade yet but the painting was all theirs :)

fathers day t-shirts

I had ran across quite a few handprint shirts in the past and thought that it would be fun to have one of them stamp their hands on a shirt...

fathers day t-shirts

but I wasn't sure how to tie it into the father's day theme besides it just being a cute shirt with his kids' handprints on it *grin*. Then I came up with what I thought was a pretty smart tag line....

Handpicked by:

I love it!!! That has got to be the sweetest saying and I know Hubby is just going to love getting it from his little girl :)

fathers day t-shirts

My oldest son is totally into camping so he made his camping themed and I set it all up for him on my printshop program so we just had to print it out and he cut and painted :)

They're all outside hanging in the plum tree right now while Hubby is down working on his tugboat. I'm hoping that they completely dry by the time I have to bring them in so that we can heat set them tomorrow and wrap them for Sunday. I'll make sure and show you the finished shirts after we have them finished :)

What are you making for Father's Day gifts this year?

~ Rosina


aware said...

Very cute idea! Unfortunately, I still haven't come up with anything. My husband might love the super dad shirt though!

Jennifer Hoots said...

Oh, those are so adorable. Your husband will love them. He's a blessed man.

Amanda said...

The handprints turned out so perfect! I love the colors you used :)

An said...

i love you super-dad-t-shirt.
Where have you found that 'superman'-figure? Can you let me know of send it to me?