Friday, June 4, 2010

A Perfect Afternoon

getting carrot bed ready

Well the sun finally broke out from behind the clouds and gave us half a day of scorching hot heat! Oh my goodness I think we have become to accustomed to all of the wet weather because we were definitely wilting this morning *grin*.

We all headed out right after breakfast to take advantage of the dry spell. K and I tackled some more planting by getting the rows ready for our carrots and beets to go in. As he dug little trenches I went behind him filling them with a mix of horse manure, lime and an organic crumble that I picked up at the nursery. We're hoping they are going to grow really big! LOL.

planting beet seed tape

Our homemade seed tape cut the work in half to! All we had to do was lay it all down in the trenches and sprinkle with a covering of dirt and we were done. Gotta love that especially as we started to go limp under the baking sun :)


L & M have been literally dying waiting for the rain to stop so that they could go out and paint so while we toiled in the garden they collected the paint jars and the new canvasses that I had bought at the dollar store and got busy becoming Picasso & Kahlo *grin*. Can you believe that I actually got 12 x 16 inch canvas all stretched on a frame for $1.25?! I'm kicking myself now that I only picked up a couple. I sure hope they still have some the next time we go!


While everyone scrubbed up at the garden hose and had an impromptu water fight I headed in to get lunch together :) A nice big plate of Bruschetta. Oh how I can hardly wait until our tomatoes are ready!!

Armed with the giant plate of bruschetta and another full of vegetables and dip we enjoyed lunch under the shade of the giant hemlock trees in the backyard. While they finished up eating I read aloud from one of our new Sonlight read alouds 'The Golden Goblet'.

Ahh what a beautiful way to spend the afternoon :) I want to create a cozy outdoor spot this summer where we can curl up with books or crafts and enjoy the outdoors. I've got a couple of ideas for transforming our front patio. It has no shelter so I need to make some sort of sun shade but I'm hoping to find some fabric in the discount bin at Walmart and fashion some sails or something. Haven't quite figured out all the details yet but the thoughts are brewing *grin*.

~ Rosina


genie said...

Love the idea of the homemade seed tape.

Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy, tummy, tummy. The bruschetta looks divine....wish you could send me a bite via the internet :-) hugs, Genie

Anonymous said...

Such a perfect day. Wish we were there. :)

Anonymous said...

Such a great day! I like the seed tape idea, especially for those of us in rainy climates. We can do ahead and then be ready to plant quickly! I am thinking of outdoor spaces as well, and making a waterproof picnic blanket. hmmm I wondered if you used a curriculum. So is it Sonlight?