Thursday, June 3, 2010

Planting Flower Boots

flower boots

I've had a stash of the kids outgrown rubber boots in the closet since last spring as I wanted to do something fun with them. Each pair outgrown and no good for donating to the good will because every single one of them was either cracked somewhere up the sides or had holes in the soles. Can you say hard on their shoes?!

flower boots

So the last time we were in the city we stopped at one of the nurseries and purchased some colorful bedding plants to plant in them :) Using a mix of potting soil and horse manure they filled up each of the boots right to the tip of the toes.

flower boots

In each one we could only fit 2 or sometimes 3 flowers depending on how little the top of the boot was :)

flower boots

They are so excited to see the marigolds, pansies, and snapdragons bloom. I think we're going to put them in the vegetable garden at the ends of the rows. I just hope that the slugs don't get a hold of them! All this wet weather is a making it a haven for the slimy creatures. Maybe we should get some Muskovy ducks again... they LOVE to eat slugs *grin*.

~ Rosina


loulee said...

LOL Reminds me of my childhood. My mum used to plant pretty flowers into anything she could get her hands on. She used to cut the toes out of old boots.
Try crushed egg shells to deter slugs.

Mica said...

We have red boots with flowers in 'em. I will have to share. I really love the array of colorful boots you have the kiddos did a fantastic job making them so cute..Have a great upcoming weekend..Mica

debbiedas said...

We've done this too. So great. Isaac (at this age) needs new boots every year so we've got plenty of boots planted with flowers. It's so much fun for him to see his "old boots" get used this way. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

Wednesday has the same yellow boots! She loves them, picked them out herself two sizes too big last year. Love this idea though, will definitely be doing this next spring!

wonderinthewoods said...

Those are really cute! I'll have to see if I kept their old boots. =) I've heard oyster shells deter slugs. They don't like the sharpness.

Faith said...

What a cute idea!

Mandi @ Southern Gnome said...

Such an adorable idea. My little guy isn't old enough to have gone thru any boots so I guess I will be heading to Goodwill to see what I can find. Thanks for sharing.

LinLos said...

Hi, I found a picture of this pinned on Pinterest and it's just adorable. I planted my own rainboots and linked to your tutorial.

silke said...

Thanks a lot for this lovely idea! I saw it on "Pinterest" and was lead to your blog here. We made some "flower boots" for a fence we have at kindergarten. Everyone was in awe of this beautiful, cute idea. And yes, we had a lot of rubber boots left from children that left years ago. So it was a good way to use them and to make our fence more pretty. Am looking forward to more ideas. Thanks a lot!

sweet and lovely crafts said...

I love love love this! I wish that I'd seen it before I threw out my daughters yellow polka dot boots. Luckily, I still have her little red ones. I can't wait to have a collection of them!

Kiss my Paper Trimmer! said...

these are so cute! did you put holes in the bottom of the boots for drainage?

Kiss my Paper Trimmer! said...

these are so cute! did you put holes in the bottom of the boots for drainage?

Gretchen Foley said...

Loved this idea so much I linked it in my blog about the magic of homemade mothers day gifts. Thanks so much.

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Christin said...

Is there a need for holes in the soles to make sure there's proper irrigation/drainage?

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