Friday, June 11, 2010

My Little Farmer

farmer k

Well actually he's really not so little anymore :)
He's the man of the family while his dad is away at sea and he takes his role and the big shoes that go along with it very seriously.

farmer K

Oh my goodness he is such a BIG help to his mama!!
This year he has taken to splitting the firewood. I never even had to ask him. I think it may have been the lure of being able to swing the big splitting maul *grin* but whatever it may have been that called him to the firewood heap we now have 8 cords of wood drying in the woodshed :)

Lately he's been by my side in the garden planting the vegetables and weeding. I think next year I may turn the garden over to him and let him make all of the plans for what we will do as he shows so much interest in it and has plenty of ideas for what we should be doing! You know that old saying about 'backseat drivers'? Well I've got myself a big ol' backseat gardener! LOL.

K and his cow

Don't worry though he's enjoying his youth with gusto. Between the fishing, bike riding, tree fort building, camping, swimming, sister teasing and general boyish mischief he's having a really good time :)

Case in point, he's taken to setting booby traps lately and he is dead set on catching mama in one of them but so far I've outsmarted him every time *grin*. Actually it was just my good luck last night as he had rigged up a heap of boxes in the bathroom tied to the door knob just before he and the others went to bed knowing that no one else would go in the bathroom anymore but me. What he didn't count on was little brother making an emergency trip to the bathroom and he was the one that got bombed by the box wall! Haha, foiled his plans again *grin*.

Oh how I love my boys and my pretty little princess girl to :)
~ Rosina


Unknown said...

awwww great pics. Gotta love that Farm Boy... How old is he? They grow sooo fast. What a young man to take on those responsibilities while daddy is gone. take care! Mica

Anonymous said...

Truly wonderful. The booby traps make me smile and I am so impressed with the 8 cords of wood. My husband was like that a kid. Our eldest is helpful. Does more than his share.

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