Saturday, June 5, 2010

Outdoor Room Eye Candy

1. Cool outdoor room, 2. Outdoor_room, 3. Garden Room, 4. Outdoor_room

I just had to share some of the great outdoor rooms that I came across while searching on flickr. I can't decide which one is my favorite *grin*.

I mean who wouldn't want the little building that has been converted into such a feminine little outdoor space with it's wicker furniture and floral cushions! Yet the log framed shelter with it's burlap looking roof and rough hewn bench calls to my natural side and screams nature which I just love to :) It definitely doesn't hurt to drool over them a bit but in the end I still have to come up with my own plan.

I have a very rough drawing sitting in front of me with the cushioned bench I want to make covered with round mounding pillows for reading on and the window box planted with fragrant flowers above. Cascading fabric overhead to shelter us from the sun, a table covered with a bright colored table cloth, paper lanterns perhaps for the evening so we can enjoy it after the sun sets and just gaze out towards the vegetable garden and mountains.... Sounds just heavenly :)

I sure hope I can turn my dreaming into reality *grin*.
~ Rosina


Faith said...

I have a balcony outside, along my living room, that I'm trying to make into an outdoor room. It's only 4 feet wide which is what's making it hard for me. One day... Meanwhile, like you, I drool over the pics I see.

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Hi Faith :)

Sometimes I think it would be easier if someone just came and did all the deciding for me *grin*.

I'm not sure if you are going to sew some accents for your patio but I ran across a great article today that talks about choosing outdoor fabric and it give tips on how to pick them and what to look for cleaning wise.

I hadn't actually thought of the wash & wear portion of my project *grin*. Now I have more to think about :) Have a lovely Sunday!

Unknown said...

oooh love... I like 3 and 4...But 3 the best... I want one!!!!! Wink ;)
Mica /The Child's Paper

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...number three is my FAVOURITE - I could live there.

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