Monday, June 21, 2010

Market Day


I had planned to get back and finish off our camping weekend earlier today but I did a little visiting today with a really neat French couple that live here and I ended up bringing home a huge bunch of a delicious heirloom lettuce (she gets the seeds from her family in France) similar to a butterhead lettuce but even more tender and a giant handful of baby leeks that I transplanted into my garden this evening :) I sure hope the leeks take because they will be so good in soups and quiche this fall!


Okay so back to our weekend *grin*. On Sunday before we packed up the camper to head home we wandered down to the pier to check out the weekend market :) It's pretty much a big arts and crafts show with just a handful of bakers and such but it's always fun to see what people are making. On Saturdays one town further south is an AWESOME farmers market with produce, meats, baking, preserves and so much more. I wish this one was like that but I guess there just isn't enough interest or supply to make it a true farmer's market.


As we were walking by one of the bakery stands the fellow called Hubby over saying that he had noticed that he was wearing a special shirt for Father's Day (one of the ones the kids made him) and that he had something for him to.

Out he pulls this little red box and tells him to open it and for the kids to watch very carefully. I thought for sure that something was going to jump out at him as he lifted the lid and I think Hubby did to as he was a little hesitant to open it *grin*.


Inside were three little mice puppets that he popped up and wished Hubby a very special Father's Day wish with. The kids loved it :)


Before we left we grabbed a giant bag of kettle corn to share for the ride home and watched them make a batch. The drum is so incredibly hot that the fellow is wearing welding gloves to protect his hands!! I can't imagine how hot that job must be during the dog days of summer.

fathers day

To end our day we shared cake and fresh strawberries with my daddy and gave him silly music cards :) I hope everyone had a lovely Father's Day weekend to!

~ Rosina


genie said...

Wish I could have been there...what a lovely spot. Your photos are wonderful....know you all had a great time. Growing up on the Atlantic Ocean, I really miss it. The mountains here in VA are absolutely beautiful in addition to the change in seasons, but the smell of the water and the beautiful sand keep pulling at my apron strings. Come August all the family will be meeting for a reunion over near VA Beach so I am excited....Genie

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Hi Genie :)
Thanks so much for always leaving such lovely comments :) I don't know what I would do if I had to leave here and move away from the ocean. I just love being able to see it all the time and I know I would miss it terribly. I'm so happy for you that you will be able to enjoy it again yourself this summer when you travel to your family reunion!! Hugs.

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