Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fungus Finds ~ Outdoor Challenge Day 12


It was a gray and rainy day today so not to much outdoor exploring happened today.


We took a quick walk to the bottom field where my dad has his mill and wandered along the trail through the trees at the base of the mountain. It's a perfect haven for fungi :)

I just love the ones above. They are in huge clusters all over the fallen and decaying trees. I think they are called a 'Turkey Tail' or Trametes versicolor but I may be wrong! Definitely don't take my word for it *grin*.


We also found these mossy and hairy looking fungi that were growing at the base of one of the young apple trees in the orchard. If you happen to know the exact name of either of these we would love to know :) Hopefully the weather will clear up for tomorrow so we can get out some more and finish planting our potatoes and we've got some great broccoli, cauliflower & cabbage starts to put into the garden to :)

Do you have photos of your children enjoying the outdoors? Visit The Great Outdoors Challenge to join in the fun and you can also visit other participants and see what sort of nature fun they have been having by clicking on the names below :)

~ Rosina

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Anonymous said...

We love finding mushrooms and looking for fairies. =) Some of my first posts are about mushrooms. My husband likes to pick chanterelles and whatnot. The kids like helping. We have yet to plant our garden too. I try to wait until May 1st here but we have volunteer potatoes and we did plant those flowers this week. Have a good week!