Friday, March 7, 2014

A Swap Just For Mama

Not very often do I get a chance to have a surprise from a complete stranger arrive in my mailbox full of amazing goodies just for me. So when I heard about the blog swap that Sweet Potato Claire was hosting I thought it would be so much fun to send a gift to a very deserving Mama somewhere here in Canada and to have a little something come back to me as well.

I couldn't have been more blessed by the package that I received today. As I opened it a wonderful aroma of lemon grass wafted out and inside the little polka dot pouch were three silver tins of healing salves and lotions. A lemongrass body butter, green tea healing hand salve and a lip balm. Each one made with organic oils and essential oils. Oh my how I needed the healing hand salve for my winter hands!

Fingerless Gloves

That wasn't all though. There was one more little package and inside were a wooly and warm pair of fingerless gloves. You know I have knitted similar gloves for my daughter, cousins and even my mom but I have never made any for myself so they are going to be well loved and used :)

Thank you so much Kim!! I am going to use every last drop of cream you gave me. You have truly blessed me with your thoughtful gift.

Being that no one knows who they are going to get their goodies from I think it is safe to share on here what I made for the lucky Mama that I got.


I have been a busy little girl sewing her a flirty apron...

and one of my favorite burlap market bags with a little coin pouch. I sure hope she likes it :)

Heard of any handmade swaps lately? I would love to know about them.