Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fossil Hunting ~ Outdoor Challenge Day 2

Fossil Hunt

Today we joined a small group of kids at the museum and headed out for a morning of fossil digging :) It was quite the drive as we headed through locked gates, narrow gravel roads and eventually hiked in by foot along the muddy and sometimes slippery trial. Don't worry though, we all made it there and back in one piece *grin*.

Fossil Hunt

We found ourselves on a narrow little strip of beach along the Puntledge River that was just covered in flaking layers of shale. Very cool! It is also the spot or very near where the very first fossilized skeleton of an Elasmosaur was discovered here in BC.

Fossil Hunt

Here's my 3 fossil hunters in their protective goggles as they hammered away at their chisels. It was quite a rewarding day to! They found clam & mussel shell fossils, fossilized vegetation, a tooth was found and even a seed. The tiny little seed was an especially exciting find as apparently they are hard to come by so that was neat that they got a chance to see one :)

Fossil Hunt

K was particularly interested in finding egg shaped fossils like the one he's holding above. When he found one he would take it to our guide and she would crack them open to see what was inside. Sometimes you can find fossilized stuff and other time it ends up just being fossilized poop. Yup, poop! *grin* This one was just a lump of poo. LOL.

By the time we had finished each of them had a couple of fossils to pack home and we were quite wet from all of the rain :) Good thing we packed along lots of extra clothes!

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~ Rosina

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Melissa said...

Oh this does look like fun, even with the rain! Being on The Island though, you must be used to it. *whistful sigh for The Island* lol.