Friday, September 24, 2010

Handwritten Emails


What can I say... I've been playing all day *grin*.
I came across a really fun website called Pilot Handwriting that allows you to upload your handwriting and then you can send handwritten emails with that little bit of a personal touch since so few of us actually hand write snail mail letters anymore :)

handwritten e-letter

I couldn't resist trying it out to see if it actually worked so I printed the template, filled it in and then uploaded a digital image of it. I was actually amazed that from the photograph it did a good job of replicating what I had written but the template could really use a few more guidelines because as you can see above it doesn't quite flow together properly and it must be because I didn't get the letters in the exact right place in each of the squares. In any case it was a fun way to waste away the afternoon! LOL.

If you are looking for a great project to spruce up your letterhead to your pen friends then this quick feather printing tutorial is something that you must do. LOVE IT!! So easy and I still have a few penpals that I write letters to. Plus I know the kids are going to want to try this out to :)

Have fun playing this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Your handwriting is so neat. Mine is a nightmare. This is cool though. I'll have to check it out. xo

Annie said...

That is way cool! You have beautiful handwriting. I love the way you do your capital B!

Annie said...

Ah ha! That's a picture from the site. I do like your sample though!

Jennifer Hoots said...

How fun is that!

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