Friday, September 10, 2010

QAYG ~ Block 1

QAYG Block1

Okay so I was hoping to have two blocks for the quilt along finished to share with you tonight but I actually only got one done :) Oh well, one is definitely better than none! Right?

QAYG Block1

I think I just might have thought a little to hard about how I was going to put them together *grin*. So much for mindlessly slapping strips of fabric together! It actually took more time than I thought it would but it could be that it was my first one though and I wasn't quite sure what strip sizes I should use. I ended up using a range of widths from 1.5 inch to 3 inches.

QAYG Block1

I'm not sure if the 1.5 inch strips are to narrow though. What do you think? Should I use those teeny tiny ones like the green polka dot one and the orange apple print above it or should I go with the larger sizes?

To finish off this block and bring it up to the 14.5 inch size that it should be I'm going to surround it with white strips on each side. I think that it will give it a nice clean look in the end and not so crazy busy to the eye *grin*. I'll update you again on it when I get a few more finished :)

~ Rosina


Sandpiper said...

You're so talented! I love the aqua fabric with the fruit on it.

Annie said...