Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pickling Beets

pickling spice

I think I must have lost a day just boiling and chopping beets! *grin*. Today I finished the last batch of pickled beets with the 2 canner loads I picked from my moms garden the other day :) I've got 16 quart sized jars full of the little maroon beauties.

I also found a great way to add my pickling spice to each batch of pickling brine.... I used my tea ball!! Instead of tying up the spice in a cheese cloth each time I just refill my tea ball and drop it in with each new batch. Love it :)

pickled beets

I'm tempted to go and pick some more beets tomorrow and I've got a great beety recipe all planned for you on Friday *grin*.

~ Rosina


Jenny said...

I enjoy reading your blog and thought maybe I should stop "lurking". I used some beets too, only I was able to get just a few at the farmers market, so I made a simple soup. The pickled beets look lovely, I would like to try that someday.

Unknown said...

they sure do look pretty in the jars... good work Rosina. Have a great weekend ahead.Hugs,Mica