Monday, August 30, 2010

Bumper Crop of Beets


My mom has an AMAZING vegetable garden every year and this year she has a bumper crop of beets. Of course she is more than happy to share her vegetable wealth with her daughter LOL.


So this morning after feeding the cow the kids and I walked over and brought our wheel barrow along with us *grin*.


My mom and I plucked out beets by the handful and my dad cut off all of the beet tops. Dad's getting out of the house more now so it was great to see him doing something he enjoys :) By the time we were finished there was heaps of beet tops that are going to be a wonderful treat for the cow tomorrow morning....


and plenty of beets to take home and cook up! I boiled up 2 big canner loads this afternoon. I just love how easy they are to prepare! After they are cooked their skins just pull off like butter and tomorrow I'm going to chop them all up and make pickled beets. SO GOOD.

Beets freeze really well to so I'm going to get a couple more canner loads sometime this week and get them frozen up so we can enjoy them all winter long :)

~ Rosina


Unknown said...

puree some and make cottage beet cakes for breakfast... interesting but makes the pancakes look beet pink. Hope your week has come off to a good start. Hugs,Mica

Mama Llama said...

Mmmm...beets are one of my favorites!

Laura said...

I recently learned you can cook up beet greens just like collards. In case you don't want to give them all to to animals!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! THat's a lot of beets. We have plenty - but nothing like that. I have to get my beets pickled too. Do you always cook them before you pickle them...or did I mis-read that? xo

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Mica ~ Oooh that would be fun to make pink pancakes with them! I made beet pasta dough today & it was the most beautiful color of purple :)

Laura ~ Aren't beet tops great? We've been eating the tops for quite some time but I find that they're the best when they are young. Ours our old and tough now *grin*. Plus we love having treats for the cow :)

Debbie ~ You know we always cook our beets. Plus that way you can get the skins off by boiling them. Do you do yours raw? Would love to know how that works out since you're not actually processing them when pickling. Very interesting!