Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday Girl Bunting

Party Bunting

The countdown is on with only one more day until the birthday girls party! One of the larger projects for L's party that I needed to complete was making her special birthday bunting that she had asked for. True to form I left it to the last possible moment and hurried to finish it today *grin*. Actually I quite enjoyed sitting at my sewing machine listening to it whir along. There's something so therapeutic about sewing and it was probably the least stressful moment of my day :)

Party Bunting

Armed with a stash of fun ginghams and summery fabrics I set to work cutting out flags, twenty-seven in total.

Party Bunting

Now I know you might think I'm a total sucker for punishment or am just crazy but I decided to sew a backing onto each of the bunting flags. Twice the work but I was thinking about durability and washability when I came up with my plan *grin*. Knowing my daughter she is going to want to move and reposition this bunting multiple times and it may even end up outdoors in her tree house so I wanted to make sure that it will stand up to some heavy usage!

I always have tons of unbleached muslin on hand so I cut enough for each of the flags backing and then sewed each flag with right sides together along two sides leaving the tops open so that I could clip, flip, press and top stitch each of them before attaching them to the hot pink rik rak that I used for the string.

In case you are curious as to how to measure and cut your own flags so you can make a fabric bunting as well you can check out my previous birthday bunting tutorial which has photos and complete instructions on how to do it :)

Party Bunting

Here it is all complete :)
I just had to sneak it outside and hang it in the plum tree for a quick photo *grin*. I just love how fun the fabrics and rik rak went together and from end to end it is roughly 20 feet long. I can't wait to give it to her.

~ Rosina


Unknown said...

I love that you took the time making a looks adorable...How's your dad this week? I hope well, still praying for him. Hugs,Mica

Kristy said...

Very pretty! Happy birthday to the bd girl

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Sara said...

I LOVE the bunting. I want to make some just like it to decorate my little girl's room. Thanks for the cute idea :)