Saturday, September 18, 2010

Curing Fish

Curing Fish

Every year I try to can as much fresh salmon as possible to keep us eating delicious fish all through the winter and spring and with the huge sockeye run that came through here this summer we were able to get some great prices on sockeye and humpies fresh off the boats!

Curing Fish

With fifteen fish in the freezer I was planning on getting around 48 pints of canned salmon but Hubby has a slightly different plan this year. He has decided that he is going to smoke a bunch which is sooo good but is going to cut into my stash *grin*.

Curing Fish

So today he cleaned and scaled eight of the fish and then filleted them so that we could coat them with a dry brine of brown sugar, salt and seasonings for smoking.

Curing Fish

We were just down in the cold room checking on them and they smell fantastic! Tomorrow morning we'll fire up the smoker and toss some in and I'm going to experiment with canning some of the smoked fish to. I'm thinking that I better get some of the smoked stuff squirreled away or we may just eat it all as it comes out of the smoker *grin*.

Mmm, can't wait!
~ Rosina


In Awe of Applique said...

Somehow Yum just doesn't cover it...but this quilter is absolutely drooling! We only managed to bring in 3 Chinook this last spring before the season closed on the Columbia (that just means that we will hoard it away and savor every fillet!)

Anonymous said...

You do just a bit of everything, don't you? That's awesome. I just LOVE salmon but don't buy it because most of it is farmed. YUCK! Enjoy your stash. :)

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Haha, I don't think it matters how many fish I have I'm still going to hoard it! *grin*.

Debbie ~ I think sometimes it's both a curse and a blessing LOL. If I could only do 1 or 2 things really well I wouldn't have so many projects on the go *grin*. We only buy fresh fish off the fishermen or eat what Hubby catches. I personally will never eat farmed fish and have numerous reasons why which I'm sure you have to *wink*.