Saturday, September 11, 2010



We had a great day today!
I had been secretly planning on taking the kids to the annual KidsFest here on the island but the weather was looking mighty poorly this morning when I woke up. It was pouring down rain here and the outlook was pretty bleak for down island as well but Hubby and I decided to take a chance and make the drive. I'm so glad we did as the weather held and we got to 'clown' around all afternoon *grin*.


It cost us $5 per person and once we were inside the gates we could do any of the activities for free. Now that's a bargain because those kiddie bouncy houses & rides can add up so quickly but since we didn't have to pay we made quite a few rounds around the ride on train, bouncy houses and face painting tables *grin*.

They had an area set up where there was bowling, ball toss and mini golf. Everyone just LOVES mini golf and M got lots of help from daddy so that he could get a fair advantage over big brother & sister :)


In the same enclosure there was a martial arts demonstration where you could try out a routine with the instructor by kicking, punching, ducking and jumping over his foam baton. This was a big hit with K since he was a tad bit old for the all of the other activities but this was right up his alley!


There was lots of great entertainment to with singing, a puppet show, juggling...


and of course the balloon animal clown :)

I mean who doesn't want a balloon hat or a little pink dog on the end of a balloon that looks like your walking the dog when you hold it out in front of you?! Plus did I mention how much I just love her bright green pom pom socks? So much in fact that I dedicated the first photo slot in this entry just to those green babies LOL.

By the time we were finished going inside and playing with playdough, making bookmarks, running through the cardboard corn maze, building lego structures and exploding paper mache volcanoes we had been there for just under 3 hours and there were big smiles on everyones faces :)

~ Rosina


Annie said...

We totally loved Major Conrad Flapps when we saw him at the Kispiox Music Festival!

Mama Llama said...

Look at your boy jump! Does he have springs in his feet?

This sounds like such a fun day. I wish we had something similar here.

Jodi Nelson said...

I am in LoVe with your blog! (and flickr) and will be featuring it on Pleasant Home tomorrow! ;o)

Kristy said...

Looks like a ton of fun!