Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Peek a boo

I think I want to be like this guy. Hanging out in the pond, partially submerged, taking in the scenery but keeping outta sight *grin*.

My days seem to be moving at lightning quick speed lately. So fast that I can't seem to catch up. We're still working on repairing outbuildings and getting the garden beds weeded and on top of that I've stepped up our homeschool routine. Those of you who know me well know that I'm a bit of a tidal homechooler with our learning coming in waves of high activity followed by more calm and relaxed phases. Well right now we're in hyper drive *grin*

I like to finish up our school year by the end of May because we have better things to do like camping and playing outdoors but that means we have to hit the books hard :) We're right on track though! K has finished up his math and english texts and we have a few key topics to touch in science and social studies still but it looks like we'll be done on schedule.

I'm actually really proud of him. I have never done any testing of any sort but I thought since he's getting a little older now and heading into grade 7 that I'd feel him out and see how he would handle some light quizzes where he knew he had to do the best he could. He really took to them and got A's and B's for his marks :) He was so proud of himself and it gave me a really good gauge as to how he's retaining this year's materials. Looks like things are sticking! LOL.

Most of my online time this week has been spent reading the homeschool boards and checking out what is available for our fall semester to. I was talking to Hubby on the phone the other night joking that I've been eating, breathing and sleeping math texts LOL. I had no idea that there were so many choices for math and I have come across some really cool looking science programs to. I love picking out new books :) We're still using Sonlight as our core for history, readers and bible but I always supplement their english program and add more science materials and of course add in math and the extra electives.

So that has been keeping me mighty busy but I'm hoping to pop over to see what's happening on your blogs this week! If you've emailed me and haven't heard back from you I promise I'm going to catch up :)

Hugs, Rosina


deangraziosi said...

Red mushroom with white patches. I had never seen these. Amazing contains this blog have.
dean graziosi

Lo said...

You sound like you are doing great Rosy...And even when you are out playing there are still things to learn
Enjoy the summer
Lo xxx

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

I know how hard Mom's work,but to be a home schooling Mom...WOW I take my hat off to you,I have so much respect for any parent who tackles that every day.=)

Jenn4him said...

I want to be done in May too. We have 8 camping trips planned.

Forest-Dweller said...

Life as a frog...hummm never thought of that one. But, yeah, looks very relaxing. Not sure about the tongue, fly thing.