Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chick Love ~ Fuzzy Baby Overload

So cute!!!

We brought in some of the babies so that we could cuddle and love them and somehow it turned into a bit of a photo shoot. I just couldn't help myself!

In my defense though I did warn you that I might go a little chick crazy... but could you resist such an adorable little ball of fluff?!

I thought not *grin*.

Chick Legs


Easter Chick


Fuzzy Baby

Fuzzy Baby




Such sweet little girls :) They were so content to just hang out in the little dishes we put them in so we could ooh and ahh over them *grin*. After a while they got a little more adventurous and started hopping in and out and checking out the flowers. They didn't stray far though and they are so incredibly docile to. We can pick them up and cuddle them and they don't squirm or try to fly out like past chicks we've had.

Of course it was inevitable that there would be a little 'incident'. At least they kept it on the paper that I had put down for just that exact reason *grin*.



Paula said...

They are so cute for the first little while. What kind of chickens are they? We're hoping our hens get broody soon and hatch some new chicks.

Jennifer Hoots said...

Photogenic chicks! I'd have a hard time doing anything but playing with them. I hope they bring you lots of eggs in the coming months.

Lynn said...

How adorable!!! :)

house full of jays said...

Oh my word. This is absolutely cuteness overload! Those little fluff balls!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, they really ARE cute!

cfgyexy6464 said...

'tis true, they are impossibly cute

Shelley said...

Oh my goodness! Can anything be cuter?!?!

Stacy said...

Oh what a treat! They are adorable.